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Biometric - Fingerprint

Fingerprint Readers Types There are 4 types of fingerprint readers that exist today. These are: Capacitive readers, reads fingerprint using capacitors that provides electrical current that forms an image of the fingerprint. It is  expensive than optical readers. Capacitive reader requires a real fingerprint shape rather than only a visual image, but slow in identification compared to optical readers. Optical readers incorporates a sensor that takes a snapshot image of the

NTS-PICO NTP/IEEE 1588  GPS Time Server

INTRODUCTION NTS-pico is an out of the Box ready to use Time Server based on linux operating system. It delivers an accurate GPS time directly to network using NTP and PTP protocols via a single 10/100Mbps Ethernet port on an IPv4/IPv6 protocol. NTS-pico is a cost effective NTP server in a small form factor air-cooled package. The unit was been designed for industrial networks (such as power plant), and buildings

Knowledge Base: What is Anti-Passback?

Anti-passback system is a feature of access control system that prevents an authorized user to go in more than once, (or go out more than once) of a security controlled area. As a rule, a corresponding “IN” must have a matching “OUT” from the system. However, an access control system equipped with anti-passback must check the door if it was opened after authentication, otherwise, the record must be deleted automatically


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