ATEA-904 Biometric Access Control & Time/Attendance Terminal


ATEA-904 is a Biometric Terminal that uses fingerprint, ID, PIN entry, or combinations of the three authentication method.

The device is maximized to be used for access control applications allowing authorized people to gain entry into a secured facility. The authentication used can also be used for time-attendance purposes either via software configuration or through the available button “IN / OUT” button on the keypad.

The unit operates in a standalone or a connection to a central controller for a centralized or as a third party input device.

Processor of the unit is a 400Mhz and the controller is running on linux operating system.

User capacity is defined by the number of fingerprints and ID to be assigned per users. Fingerprint is customizable to 50,000 while the transaction log is up to 300,000.



  • Fingerprint, ID Badges, and PIN Authentication Method
  • 1,000 users
  • 3,000 Fingerprints
  • 3,000 ID Cards
  • 80,000 logs
  • Fingerprint identification speed is less than 0.6 seconds
  • Time-Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Communicate with computer via LAN, RS-485 serial, or transfer files to a USB flash drive
  • Time/Attendance Software included in the package


  • Fingerprint Capacity:3000
  • Card capacity:           3000
  • Logs:                           80,000 entries
  • Card Type:                 ID(125Khz)
  • Reading distance:      5~10cm
  • Communication:        RS485, TCP/IP, USB/U disk
  • Weigand:                    WG output
  • Operating Voltage:     12VDC
  • Operate Current:       <300mA
  • Temperature:             -25~50 degrees C
  • Available Color:         White and Black
  • Dimension:                219mm*82mm*27mm
  • Weight:                       0.5kg
  • Warranty:                   1 year