IOT800 (1D and 2D Wireless BarCode Scanner)

Industry No.1 Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner, Create a New Era of Smart Scan! Well Designed by Global Red Dot Award Master!

Equipped with a 1.54” high-resolution LCD and intuitively displays the modes of barcode scanner, supports touch operation. Data is uploaded to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, and processed quickly. Data is uploaded to the management center through the Bluetooth, transmit securely and stably. Instant connecting with Wi-Fi by scanning the barcodes. Using double aspherical lenses, top EP6000, e48r materials. Exclusive “Light-Speed” decoding algorithm, excellent performance and accurate decoding.

Users can send their own brand logos shown on LCD screen to IOT800 through mobile APP to enhance your brand image.


IOT800 is a 1d/2D Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner and awarded with the Global Red Dot Award Master for its’ design.

The unit is equipped with 1.54” LCD touchscreen. Data is uploaded to the server via Wi-Fi or bluetooth securely for faster processing. Instant connection to Wi-Fi by scanning barcodes. It uses two (2) aspherical lenses, i.e. EP6000 and e48r materials. Proprietary “Light-Speed” decoding algorithm providing an excellent performance and accurate decoding.

Users can customized the logo shown on IOT800 LCD screen.


    • WIFI, 2.4G, wireless 2D barcode scanner
  • 1.0GHz/32MB NOP Flash
  • 1.54 inch LCD, resolution 240*240
  • Bluetooth 4.1 allowing for 60 meters distance

Call us for information and price of the unit. Volume order comes with discounts. Resellers are welcome to inquire.