About US

AllTechSolution Enterprises Inc. is a Philippine corporation duly registered in Securities and Exchange Commission since June of 2010. The company was incorporated with a mission of providing innovative solutions minimizing the loss of lives and properties. In more ways than you might realize, AllTechSolution is making our place safe and secure.

AllTechSolution operates in an area where safety and security risks are considered a strategic threat. We provide equipment so people can concentrate more in their work safely, healthy, and secure that in turn provides benefits to success of the client company.

From the time of incorporation in 2010, we’ve worked to provide high quality products and services for each of our individual customer. We seek to present exceptional products, notable cost-effective technology, and resources that both modern and traditional client will appreciate. Our specific products and capabilities are:

  • Fingerprint, Facial, Palm Biometric Solution for Time/Attendance and Access Control
  • Earthquake Recording, and Alarm Monitoring
  • Smart Home Automation
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Detection and Alarm
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Industrial Networking
  • Video Analytics
  • Telephony and IP Telephone System
  • Elevator Access Authentication

Over the years, AllTechSolution was able to tag the good products with good product support from an ISO 9001 manufacturers. This paved way for the company to become secure on the product lines and thereby able to saturate the markets with quality equipment and tools.

In 2012, we started partnering with international companies such as EnergyTech from Virginia USA and MESEI of Japan for the industrial customers. MESEI provides the solution for the vibration and earthquake alerting while Energy Tech is the provider of Smart Grid Power Monitoring System that enables efficient delivery of power to the end users.

We employ staff and trained them to excel in marketing, technical, customer care because we believe in having the right staff, who are “Jack of all trades” but master of none, delivering the right product at the right time to the customers.

AllTechSolution business model is focused on developing partnerships with customers based on trust, integrity, honor, and honesty in its highest level. We are committed to listen to the needs of our customers attentively and build relationship that last for a lifetime. We treat our entire customer as real friends and respect their values.

In practice, we do long term customer relationships which helps us stabilized our positive growth. We believe in combining long-established values of trust, quality, customer service and attention to detail with the use of the latest technologies, equipment, tools, procedures, and standards.

AllTechSolution also continuously looks for talented people who are dedicated and determined to succeed to join our team. Either they are a high school graduate, a college dropout, but are very much willing to learn are given the chance by the company to have their dream come true.

We have interesting products in our office that are not posted in the website. We invite you to visit our office in Mandaluyong City Philippines to see the live demonstration while enjoying a cup of coffee.

ALLTECHSOLUTION always comes up with cost effective SOLUTION to every problem.

Call and allow us to supply your organization with the right products and experience our our friendly service and support.